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Guaranteed Sales Program


QCH Guaranteed Sales Program

Do you want to build or buy a new home?

Do you need to sell your home before you can move?

Quality Crafted Homes offers a "Guaranteed Sales Program" to get started sooner rather than later!

With our "Guaranteed Sales Program" you can be assured that you will not have to worry about 2 mortgage payments when your new home is complete.


 Frequently Asked Questions

What will this program cost me?
There is NO enrollment fee. Simply ask us if this program works for you, there are no hidden costs or fees.

When do you purchase my house?
The buyout goes into effect if the home has not sold prior to the closing of your new home.

What price will you pay for my home?
We first come out and look at your home, supply you with a Competitive Market Analysis and arrive at a price that is comfortable for both you and us.

Do you try to sell my home before we close on our new home?
YES! Your home will be listed on the MLS through our affiliate company, Kees Marketing Group. We try very hard to sell your home prior to the completion of your new home, our goal is to net you as much money as possible.

What if my home sells for more than the price you Guaranteed?
This is actually the ideal situation. The sale goes through like a normal real estate transaction and our Guaranteed Sale is nullified. You keep all the money above our agreement.

Why should I participate in this program?
This program is not right for everyone. It's designed as a stepping stone to get you from one house to the next. If you have to sell your home first this allows you to start sooner so you can take advantage of today's interest rates and construction costs.

What are the restrictions?
We have designed this for the "move-up" buyer meaning the new home being purchased needs to be of greater value than your current home. The maximum price of the home being guaranteed is at the discretion of the principles at Quality Crafted Homes, Inc.