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Mark & Kristen Miller

"After buying a model home from Quality Crafted 15 years ago, we knew we would choose them to build our new home. The attention to detail and workmanship in our home spoke for itself. Duane and Jhonelle were awesome at helping us plan our home and make it our own, all while fitting it in our budget. The whole process was really pretty seamless. We were kept on a timeline, and notified of every step before it happened. There were so many choices to make, but we felt very supported along the way. Rachel was wonderful and made sure any concerns we had were addressed immediately. We are so proud of our new home, and when people ask who built it we can proudly say Quality Crafted Homes!"

"Thanks to the Kees for making this a wonderful and exciting experience!”

Larry & Cynthia Geren

"We downsized from a 2300 sq ft, 3 story home in Ohio over two years ago. We moved to a very nice 1200 sq ft apartment here in Fort Wayne. About a year ago, we started exploring the subdivisions in north east Allen County. Every Sunday for 6 months we would go to open houses and we also toured the Town and Country show. It was fun and free! Then we drew up our own plans of our dream home and began seriously looking. A lot of times revisiting and retouring the newly constructed homes by all builders in Fort Wayne. We quickly knew which builder's design and construction was our favorite, but we talked with many builders and continued to look and research.

One of the first things I loved about the Kees family and Quality Crafted Homes, was the way we were approached during open house viewings. They all were very friendly, professional, and interested in our situation, but not at all pushy. Everybody, whether it was Greg, Tyler, Duane and/or Jhonelle took the time to talk with us. But none of them were at all pushy and that was very important to us. They didn't need to tell us how good they were, we could see it.

We took our house plans to Duane and Jhonelle and met with them multiple times finalizing our new home. We were not limited to the plans they already have, which is another quality I love about them. They really took the time to get to know us and learn what we like and what we were looking for. They implemented and incorporated what we were looking for in our home. They asked us questions to get us thinking about what we wanted and needed and they made suggestions based on that. I so appreciated that they were working 'with' us and not just making us pick whatever they already had. Which is what I really liked about the vendors they suggested, we had a budget, but was given several options to choose from. Lecia Brow with cabinets unlimited was absolutely awesome, Betty Greaux for our flooring and tiling could not have been any better and Lisa Tallman in choosing our lighting package was also very accommodating and patient. We were so pleased with their friendliness and all of their help.

We've never built a house for us to live in, so we didn't know quite what to expect. My husband has a background in construction and in fact, is in the commercial construction business. Larry is very detail oriented and I like to investigate and research everything, so we really wanted to be involved with the building of our house. Duane and Jhonelle and the rest of their team were awesome about that, allowing us access to our home every day, anytime. We were at our site every day and we were very fortunate to get to meet a lot of the tradesmen working on our home and I loved that! From the guys preparing our lot, the framers, the trim guy, the painter, the electrician, and the tile guy; we are just so pleased.

I have to mention Deb in their office, who worked hard for us when there was an issue to address. We are just so appreciative of the personalization we feel we got with the whole process.

We still occasionally go to open houses on Sunday but now we only go to Quality Crafted Homes. reason is, their homes truly are my favorite, but also because we genuinely like the Kees family. And how many others can say that about their home builder?

We've been in our home now for four months. It isn't big and it isn't fancy, but it is definitely beautiful, warm, and comfy, cozy, which is exactly what I wanted and what I love so much about it!

I think the name of the builder is so fitting because they truly are "quality crafted homes". I would encourage anyone looking to build, to visit any of the Quality Crafted Homes; and you're certainly welcome to look at the Geren home!"

Jerry and Liz Neal

“I just want to express how happy we are with everything to this point!  As you know I work for a local lender and quite frequently see customers totally stressed and unhappy when they get to this point in the building process.  Jerry and I certainly do NOT feel this way - - - everything is as good or better than we would have imagined and the entire process has been very smooth! 

Thanks again for all your hard work"

Barry and Helen Gerig

"We mean this from the bottom of our hearts. We were so fortunate to be able to work with such quality people as the staff at Quality Crafted Homes. From design to finish, the workmanship and quality of our new home speaks highly for their name, ‘QUALITY CRAFTED.'”

Jay and Kendra Porter

"In April 2012, we decided we needed to move from our home of 22 years. After our first visit to the QCH model/office, we never even considered talking to another builder. Duane and Jhonelle truly listened to all that we wanted, and we were eventually presented with a design that so exceeded our expectations.

The building process has been an exciting journey. Along the way, we have learned a lot about construction and have come to really appreciate the skill, hard work, and dedication of all the amazing sub-contractors and suppliers."

Thank you to everyone at Quality Crafted Homes. You are the best!"

Brian and Marie Lytle

"When we decided our growing family was ready for a new home, we knew Quality Crafted Homes (QCH) was the partner we needed. After meeting with other custom home builders, we found QCH was by far the easiest to work with. And we were right: the entire process - from custom design to the finished product - was seamless and hassle-free. QCH provided us with weekly updates and kept us informed throughout each phase of construction. More importantly, they kept our project on time and on budget. We couldn't have imagined a more enjoyable building experience and our gorgeous new home speaks for itself. Thank you, Quality Crafted Homes!"

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