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Lester and Connie Bush

Bush Testimonial Picture"To the Staff at Quality Crafted Homes,

We would like to thank you all for being so professional, “yet down to earth” with Connie and myself. We have felt very comfortable during the entire process, from start to finish with the construction of our beautiful new home.

We met Mr. Richard Kees at the model home during the Town and Country in Bridgewater. He was the first one to tell us about QCH. Even though we were talking to other builders, we decided to meet with QCH and compare them to the other builders. After a few meetings with Dan and Duane, we were convinced that QCH would be our choice of builders. Later, when we saw Mr. Kees at the model home in Valencia, we were surprised that he remembered us from over three months ago (that says a lot).

It was amazing when we explained to Dan and Duane how we wanted our new home to look. They listened to everything we had to say – stressing “yes, remember we're custom builders”. Neal was very helpful during the building of the house. He kept us informed on every aspect of the building phase. We also enjoyed working with Jhonelle during the different phases, and meeting with the different companies that she recommended. They were all very professional – we must admit, we had to make some hard choices because everything looked like it would go into the house.

We even noticed that during our final walk thru, they were yet the same. They did not ask us to sign the completion paperwork until they felt we were 100% satisfied with their work.

Thank you so much for a job well done. We will show off our home proudly and will refer our friends to QCH. We felt very good to hear compliments coming from you on some of our selections that went into our home."

Nick and Bobbi Lulos

"Together we developed an outstanding layout. It is the most comfortable home we have ever owned (4 homes). You can always tell a Quality Crafted Home!"

"The building process went very smoothly and we met our target occupancy date. Quality Crafted Homes was very quick to respond to the few items that needed correction, even those that were caused by nature."

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