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Adam and Lindsey Brenner

"Building a house is a very stressful yet rewarding experience. There are things that pop up that you in no way are prepared for. That is why we can say that we are very grateful that we decided to build our house with Quality Crafted. Anytime something came up, they were able to get together with us and get it handled, whether through email, over the phone or even personally meeting us at the home if that is what it took. It is good to know that when there are concerns or issues...that they are right there to get them handled. We loved working with everyone at Quality Crafted throughout the whole process. From beginning to end everyone could not have been any nicer. It has been almost a year since we have moved into our new home and we couldn't be happier. We get nothing but compliments from everyone who comes through. We love the home and are happy we made the decision to build it with Quality Crafted Homes. If we ever build again, it will definitely be with Quality Crafted homes!!!!"

Brian and Jessica Scott

"We originally wanted to build our home in an addition in Fort Wayne. Once we worked with Quality Crafted Homes to design the interior of our dream home, the location just didn’t fit for us anymore. Duane Kees mentioned Honeysuckle so we checked it out and we fell in love with it. Quality Crafted Homes designed the exterior of our home to reflect our style and cozy lodge feel, all while keeping the home modernized yet complimenting the naturistic feel of Honeysuckle. We can't wait to enjoy this hidden treasure in every season while exploring the outdoors with our children.

The building experience for us was so exciting from staking out the four corners of our house on our new property to the final touches of every detail inside coming to life. Each stage of the build process was a peek into what it takes to build a house with the highest standards. It was so easy to choose the selections we made with the help of Quality Crafted Homes’ design team. The design center was filled with samples of stone work to stairway railings, you don’t even need to leave their location to make your selections. Plus, when you have a builder who pays attention to detail like Quality Crafted Homes, you never need to worry about the end result. It is always beautiful!"

Lloy Ball

LloyBallI have been dreaming about winning a gold medal since I can remember. Winning that gold medal in Beijing this past summer (2008) took hard work, determination, and experience. Building the house of my dreams took nothing less. That is why I had the great people at Quality Crafted Homes build my family’s new home. Because of their hard work, determination, and experience, it turned out “good as Gold!"

Chris and Sarah Harrison

"When my wife and I decided we wanted to build a home, we had no idea what to expect. The only thing we did know is we wanted to build with Quality Crafted Homes. After walking through many homes during the Parade of Homes and the Town and Country home tours, QCH always stood out. The design phase with QCH was very enjoyable. We felt they did a great job listening to what we wanted and working within our budget to design a home that was spot on. After the design phase was complete, they were very helpful to us as we transitioned through the next steps of picking out colors, cabinets, floors, lighting, etc... Once our home was complete, we felt they were very quick at resolving any of the issues uncovered during our final walkthrough.

Overall working with QCH was a great experience! We absolutely LOVE our home and if we were ever to build again QCH would be our first choice!"

Rick and Peg Schilb

Rick & Peg Schilb

It has been a little over a year since we moved into our “Quality Crafted” home.  As a consumer, sometimes living with something over a period of time gives you a different perspective.  For us, we are still very happy and pleased with both our lot/location and our new Quality Crafted Home! In thinking back over our experience with Quality there are a number of positives that we want to highlight:


  1. Professionalism:  Quality staff was always courteous and prompt in follow through with any of our concerns.  From the planning process with Duane, including encouraging and researching design options, to Jhonelle’s personal touch in shepherding us through the process of selecting materials for the house.  Our thanks to each of you:  Duane, Jhonelle, Neal, Greg, Pam, Mick and Bruce for your attention to our needs.  It was a pleasure to work with each of you!
  2. Organization and timeliness:  Building a house can be a stressful experience.  Rick and I have built two houses and we feel that building with Quality was a very positive experience.  Especially helpful is the tremendous organization that Quality has honed to a science.  The “notebook” which outlines and provides a specific timeline as to when decisions need to made, along with Jhonelle calling to keep the customer on track with the timeline and assisting with the decision making process.  The notebook is a great tool for referencing samples, suggested outside vendors for appliances, lighting, etc.  We never felt pressured or rushed in making decisions related to the house.   
  3. Quality and workmanship:  We were extremely pleased with all of the subcontractors who worked on the house.  The attention to detail and quality of their work was outstanding. The oversight provided by Neal and the work of Mick and Bruce was a definite plus.  You just knew that you could count on one of them to take care of the details and when questions arose to be ready to provide answers or seek out the answer if they did not know.


The true test is when someone asks us, “Who built your house?”  And then, “would you do it with them again?”  We feel proud to say, “Quality Crafted” to the first question and "absolutely" to the second.  Your attention to details, integrity, honesty and most of all making the customer feel respected and a part of the process make it easy to respond in a positive way!

Michael and Jennifer Perkins

"Building our new home with Quality Crafted was such a smooth process. Everything from the design phase to selecting colors went so well. When ever we would have a question arise they were quick to respond."

"One of our favorite things about the homes they build is their attention to detail their trim work is just beautiful and adds so much to a home."

"We really enjoyed working with everyone involved at Quality Crafted Homes. We would definitely build with QCH again."

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